In October 2011 Chinese authorities launched a new slogan: cultural development. The key of the project is supposed to be the export of ideas and contents made in China around the globe to build up soft power. It’s a long-term project. Those who, being both a foreigner and a journalist in Beijing at that time, are provided with a chance to make an investigation: what has China to offer the world? This research focuses on places and on how they change, because in the transformation of cities it is already possible to get a glimpse of the answer to the question ““what does constitute the Chinese culture today?”. Some answers can be found in the ancient – though, sometimes, submerged – Chinese tradition. Others are a reflection of fast modernization.

The point of observation will be the bicycle, a traditional vehicle which nowadays has to trail along and zigzag among the heavy traffic. By biking one sees Beijing in a personal way.
In March 2012 Inside Beijing became a videoinstallation during the Festival of African, Asian and Latin American Film in Milan. In may the monthly publication “E” published this reportage. The documentary is a continuous work in progress, like a blackboard on which someone constantly draws new scenes and new stories which also have a linear version in the documentary.

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